Minecraft PlotMe Plugin

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Important guidelines to reporting an issue for PlotMe

Frequently asked questions(FAQ):

Q: What are the permissions?
A: Click Here for all PlotMe permissions

Q: I edited my config file, but PlotMe is still not working!
A: PlotMe-Core and PlotMe-DefaultGenerator configs must be edited matching each others worldnames

Q: I have edited both my PlotMe-Core and PlotMe-DefaultGenerator configs, but PlotMe still doesn't work!
A: Make sure that your plotworlds are lowercase in both configs

Q: I am experiencing normal MineCraft terrain in my plotworld
A: You are having a rare case, but we have a solution here

Q: How to allow players to use worldedit only in their own plot?
A: PlotMe automatically handles this and does not require any setup by you.

Q: My generator randomly stopped working and is now generating nromal terrain.
A: If there is no error in the console, then it is not an issue with PlotMe. Report the issue to the Spigot team.

Reporting an issue

If none of the above Q/A helped you, then you should open a ticket. You must include the following in the ticket or else it will be ignored:

  • Spigot/Bukkit version
  • PlotMe Version (Saying "Latest" or "Newest" does not help. You can use /version PlotMe to find the version number.)
  • A pastebin/hastebin of all your PlotMe configuration files
  • A copy of your latest.log file (hastebin/pastebin these)
  • What did you do in order for the issue to occur?

You ready to report that issue? Alright. Click here to open a new issue.